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November 04, 2009



Love your shoes, and that cloak is amazing, it looks really great.


Love the costumes! :) Your shoes I am LOVING!

I have most of my Christmas shopping done already, I have decided that this year is going to be a stress free one where I can just spend time with my kids doing fun stuff and not stressing over finding/making the perfect gift at the 11th hour. So I say go forth and shop!


I would love to live in a neighborhood that needs that many bags of candy! I had two trick or treaters. I even give out full size candy bars.

And I started Christmas shopping in February this year. I start whenever I find a gift. And that was when the first gift was found. Now I'm on a hunt for cute, fun cards to send out!


We've been listening to Christmas music for over a month now, and I started shopping/shopping for sewing projects at least two months ago! I can't wait for Christmas this year!


I'm glad to here S is doing okay:( and you still managed to pull off Halloween. I remember the year you had your Christmas tree up through your birthday:)


I'm with you on Christmas. We've already pulled out our Christmas CD's and have been happily listening away:)
This is my favorite time of year!
I'm glad to hear that your brother is ok. You are right, no parent should have to deal with seeing thier child like that:(

Cassie @ You Go Girl!

Your shoes totally rock, but Eliza's are the bomb. Orange AND polka-dots. Shut-up! Do you think I could talk my triplet girls into wearing shoes like her's. They're eleven now...probably not. But I'd wear them, fo' sure.

Glad to hear your brother is better. Scary stuff!

Take care, Sandi~


I wore my turquoise ones on Halloween too :-)
And glad to hear your brother is doing good...how scary!


I am glad your brother is feeling better- that had to be scary. I would have joined you in shopping for Christmas on monday only I am already half way done! I am loving that Halloween is out of the way. I am biding my time til I can sneak up some decorations- maybe a bit before thanksgiving. I don't like to rush- I want to enjoy it all as long as possible.

Candy @ SoBella Creations

Great Costumes!!


love the costumes!! And would love a pattern made for the jedi costume..even just for dress up!!

Lindsey R.

Adorable! I'm so glad you're brother is okay. And another fan of Eliza's shoes!! You must share where to find. Pretty please?


Brilliant costumes, we didn't get a single trick or treater. But it's not so popular over here and OH was happy to scoff all the sweeties we had bought.

Can't wait to see the christmas decoration tutorial.


Shopping, yes, done a bit. The thing I ALWAYS start on November 1 is the Christmas Card. I should put that in caps THE CHRISTMAS CARD. It is all consuming from now until all 100 hit the mail.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting


Just so you know, I too, have Christmas out by Thanksgiving...love having the lights on and watching the parade on tv while finishing up the turkey :) I think it really enhances a thanksgiving...by the way, I have ALL of my Christmas out!! From garland to the tree! :)
Bring on the shopping! Not really, I do everything online ;)


Since I have a 18 month old I'd really like the tutorial on the cape... his father is a fan and I'm sure I will be in need of such an item... it looks awesome! This year we had our first witch in the family, at least one in costume. Checking out your kids from last year... they have grown. so. much!

Prayers to you and your family


Oh Sandi those costumes are fantastic! How I would love to make my little boy a jedi outfit (i'm sure his daddy would be very jealous!!)
You must be getting so excited coming into the christmas season... such a lovely time of year!

Jenny Fish

What gorgeous costumes! You are amazing. It takes me all day to sew a dress and you whip out 2 costumes in no time flat! Oh and yes I would love a tutorial for the cape, MY Ethan,8.5, would love one I am sure! OH an your skirt is gorgeous! I love the fabric!


Yes, yes, yes, a Jedi tutorial would be fantastic! My guy was the emporer this year, so a basic cape with hood from McCalls worked. As he is obsessed with all things Star Wars, I'm sure we will be revisiting the same theme next year. :)

Amanda Keeys

The kids costumes are so cute but I am LOVING your tights and shoes!

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