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November 17, 2009


Trish Preston

Cutest pic ever - jumping on the beds! Isn't that just a classic kids moment that you would like to just freeze in time? And your hubs - a keeper for sure :>)

Melissa Harvey

What cuties. And how nice to get some flowers. Once when we first go married my husband was going to school at BYU-I. He wanted to get me flowers really bad, but we could not afford them at the time. So, he picked a bunch of dandelions and brought those to me instead. I still appreciated the effort.


HOw sweet - I love "just because" moments...and is that a pepper grinder? It's adorable!


Just love 'just because' moments. Total heart glow.

Tami B.

Awesome 'just because' post! Love the flowers...a lucky lady!


Oh...thank you for this!


I love it, and yes, we do need more just because moments.


What a sweetie! Yes we do need more moments like that. Your girls ar darling, great pics! :-)


Such beautiful pictures. Love the flowers, pear and kids. Such real joy. I guess sometimes you just have to get out those last bits of energy before you sleep. :D


Wonderful post, I need some just becauses.


I love just because moments! Sometimes my daughter walks up and says "I Love You". She did not get a new toy or candy...she is a "Just Becauser".


What a beautiful, thought-provoking post. And I could not agree with you more.


My husband and I have a just because I love you day that we "give" to each other. It can happen any day we decide and we can have as many as we want during the year. It's great.


thanks for sharing this post with us. I agree...we do need more "just because" moments & you captured them beautifully with great pics! =)


Thank you for the reminder. I think we all need more moments like these.

Sweet Baby Jamie

so sweet!

Simone Howell

Just because those two girls are so darn cute! Great post Sandi, we all need a little reminder...just because.

ps- did you see I posted about your fabric in Paris? It was so fun to run accross it so far away from home!

Libby Dillard

So Sweet! Lovelt flowers and cutie-pie girls!! I can not wait to buy your new line..just because....


what a sweet boy you have. keep him!

Julie GM

Gorgeous flowers & pretty girls! =) And a 'just because' from your hubby?! Those right there make a perfect day, week, month, year...!!

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