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April 07, 2010



Can't wait to see the new grouping...will it coordinate with the original Meadowsweet fabrics? Just took my Meadowsweet quilt to the quilters the other day...CAN"T WAIT to get it back!


Very cool! Can't wait to see all the new patterns--love the illustrations!

Sandi Henderson

Sort of- the coral color is repeated and my cream is always the same. But it is definitely a new direction for me. This group is much softer than my usual!



looks great. cant wait for the next patterns!I am having so much fun with the other ones right now. switching them around doing plain colors and i love them. I love the top how you did the plainer colors with wild pants.
thanks for such great patterns.


So cute. If I had a little girl I would definately make these for her.

Jenny Fish

So there will be a third grouping? I think that will be great! I made a sample set for my local quilt shop and it was hard getting that third voice. Don't get me wrong your line is gorgeous! But that third colorway will round it out really well. Can't wait to see it! Still collecting Farmers Market! Gorgeous line!

Denise Payne

I love all your stuff!!! Could you please make a knit fabric? Light weight with a smidge of Lycra? There is nothing out there cute in knits for adults and I'm starved for cute.

Sheri Howard

I am so happy for you, your patterns and illustraions are so beautiful! Hope things go well for you!!!


Keep up the fantastic work!!! Love the carefree girlie look of these pattern's.

Mary Ann

What a coincidence! I'm working on ruffle pants right now for my daugher. Thanks for being an inspiration! Since Lily just turned eight, and she's a tall one, I'm hoping your new patterns will be for older girls too.


I will second Mary Ann's request. I sew for my granddaughters & have one almost 10. There don't seem to be many tween patterns & I'm sure you would do a fantastic job! After all, your little girl is growing, too!


Everything looks so pretty! Can't wait to actually try!


I'm glad for Photoshop and Illustrator and whatnot to assist in the illustration process because the rest of the work looks like it took FOREVER! She is very talented indeed. I'm not sure how artists actually make any money because it looks like she spent hours and hours and hours on it all. I'm hoping PS and AI helped with her time.

Great work!


Love the pictures and the fabrics are gorgeous! Can not wait to get my hands on them :)


These look great.... Thank you !!!



Ah, you are sweet, Sandi. And a joy to work with! I don't know how you do it all so I was pleased that you asked me to help with the illustrations. Hopefully it took a bit of your load!



Wow, I completely fell in love with the patchwork pants pattern, and that little skirt. Do you still have that available for sale somewhere? My little girl would love them. Thanks.


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