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February 16, 2011



yum :-)

sarah jane

So great! I'll have to try it! We bought a stovetop popper, and now there's no mess:) But you'll have to come over and try it:)

Sandi Henderson

Stovetop popper?? Do share!


Okay, just made it, but I think I killed my bowl! Lol!It's really delicious though! : )

Sandi Henderson

Uh oh! Did you use a glass bowl? Ive found that works best. :)



Sounds and looks delicious but one question from an Australian - what is Kettle Corn? Is it simply a brand name or has the popcorn been treated in some way?

I once tried cooking popcorn in the microwave and ruined an expensive plastic bowl in the process. I now have a Pop Corn machine. You dump the popping corn in the machine, place the lid/shute on top and turn it on. Hot air whirs it all around cooks the popcorn and it starts flying out the shute.

But I want to try your scrumptious pop corn. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Sandi Henderson

OH! Kettle corn is fabulous! It has some sugar in the mix, so it is slightly sweet, slightly salty. You can usually only get it at amusement parks and fairs or in the microwave popcorn section.




Bed Bath and Beyond sells stovetop popcorn makers. They have their own stirrer.

The Other Sandi ;)


I make regular popcorn in the microwave all the time with a glass bowl and a clean dish towel over the top to keep the kernels in. I've never tried it with sugar but I will now! I use that stovetop spinny contraption when I make kettle corn but it really is a pain to clean so this is definitely worth a try! Thanks for posting your recipe! :)


This looks absolutely delicious! I have to try it right now!!!

sarah jane

Here's the link to the stovetop popper: http://www.amazon.com/Wabash-Valley-Farms-25008-Whirley-Pop/dp/B00004SU35

But thanks Sandi for doing a microwave version! how great!


YAY!! SOOOOO YUMMY!! We used to be friends with a family that made theirs in the microwave like this. But their bowl was some kinda of plastic, which my mom is totally against. It was just regular popcorn and not kettle corn. I tried it and it tastes so good! I just added some extra salt instead of sugar. Oh....and DEFINITLY make sure your bowl is microwave safe. I just cracked (into like 15 pieces) my mom's late grandma's pyrex bowl. :'(

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בניית אתרים

Just tried to make this corn, hey, just WOW!
So tasty, should recommend to the theater on how to make popcorn!


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