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June 23, 2011



Love the poppies.. reminds me of growing up, my mother had a huge patch of them.


and what a lovely chunk of earth it is!

..and I love the low tech pattern making, that is hardcore.


Do you think you will ever be able to offer the Strawberry Skirt again? I purchased it from your site and never received it.


Thanks for the poppy pics. Here in California, poppies are everywhere, but much different looking.

Anne Marie

Love the poppies and that pincushion is to die for. Is that one of your patterns?? I have to track down the pattern for it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Wonderful poppies Sandi! The only thing I miss about my previous chunk of earth is...my poppies!

Maggie Reno

I love how you make patterns! Paper is what I've always used. How do you scan the larger pieces? I'm trying to figure that out right now. I was thinking about cutting it up to 8.5x11 size and scanning piece by piece! I feel the exact opposite about my hands. I still wear kid gloves because all the adult sizes are too big!

Nikki Butler

I love that after trying all the high tech gadgets and programs that you're going with an old school newspaper method! My thoughts were the same as Maggie's—how do you scan in the large pattern pieces?

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oh-ho-ho! That one is a tear jerker! So well written Sandi. I have to say age nine has been like that for me....and I don't always handle it with this much grace. Well said. xo


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