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June 01, 2011



Stunning! I love all of it! congrats!


Love it ALL. You design the most gorgeous fabric, and put together such inspiring palettes, Sandi.


Beautiful! I adore the midnight garden color palettes - so vibrant and alive. This collection really has your signature on it which I love. Congrats to you on all your hard work!


Gorgeous! I love the colors and patterns and the design inspiration behind them.

Tammy W.

Just so lovely! The colors and prints are wonderful!


Welcome back to computer land. Isn't it amazing to see just how much of our days are spent wandring the internet? I KNOW my days are almost always wasted on the internet yet each day I get up and think I'm doing something/ANYTHING other than to play on my computer and yet, here I am once again. As frustrating as it is to have a computer break down, yes, it is a blessing at times although losing everything isn't much fun either.

You new fabrics are simply gorgeous Sandy. I have to say I'm really drawn to the Midnight Garden. Love those colors.


Oh my, such a gorgeous range Sandi! Next time you do a range I would love it if you keep me in mind, I could make you some Jingle Sox from your fabrics and send them over for the Quilt Market display!
Can't wait to get my hands on the Tea Time and the Midnight!! When will it be in etsy stores??


Welcome back to the blogging/internet world. I can echo your comments about time wasted--but I also have to say that I enjoy reading those blogs of my favorites (like yours). I think I also realized, when our computer died one year, how much of my life is digital now--photos, letters, memories, journals. I actually went back to hand-writing in my journal at night after I lost a lot of work on that machine.

Your fabric collection is lovely, as others above me have noted. I admire all the work you do on these collections and they have turned out just lovely. I'll keep checking back for where to buy them, and the dates they'll be available.

Again--congratulations on a beautiful line of fabric!

Elizabeth E.

(P.S. Glad to see the "create" video of our church on your sidebar--it's one of my favorites!)


I am falling (quickly!) in love with that midnight garden colorway...


Absolutely beautiful Sandi - love the colors - those Freshcut Flower bouquets are so pretty!!


wow...how lovely it all is in every color pallet. nice job.

Tomi Ann

Oh, WOW! These are just beautiful!

Amanda Herring

It is beautiful, Sandy! Just like you!

Christine Davis

You did such a wonderful job capturing the gardens throughout the day. Beautiful! I wish I had a real garden like those fabrics. Amazing fabric collection as always.


Love it !!! I always think there is no way I could love your next collection as much as the current one, but once again you have proved me wrong. :) Meadowsweets were delicious and perfect, but Secret Garden is even more so.

So much fun!

Kira =]

I literally gasped when I scrolled down and saw the design. They just took my breath away. So gorgeous!!


Oh my goodness. Such wonderfulness. When is it due to hit the shelves?

Michelle P

It's amazing!! I love the coral color in the teatime garden collection.


Absolutely gorgeous. I want to redecorate my entire house around these fabrics and colors! You are an inspiration, and you have a gift! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Claire - Matching Pegs

Sandi - I love love love this collection!

All the colours are so beautiful - I could happily cover every soft furnishing in my house with them.

Congratulations on an amazing job-well-done.

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