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June 06, 2011


Shannon Marie



Oh Sandi! What a beautiful post in so many ways! You have accomplished so much and that determination obviously runs in the family. Sutter's story is so touching and I've always believed that people with different needs are a blessing and bring out the best in the people around them (who then carry it to the rest of the world). Go Sutter!


Sandi, that is a wonderful story, that has teared me up! Congratulations Sutter!


that was one of the best posts ever Sandi!!




That is fabulous! He has gorgeous eyes that seem like you can see eternity in them. What a great day!

Mary Carole Dolce

Congratulations Sutter! Such a beautiful dedication to a very much deserved brother. Sandi ~ you are also an inspiration to so many of us. And hearing how you overcame so much that was going on in your life at that time and achieving a goal to then become a well known fabric designer is something to be extremely proud of. Being that I feel like I haven't fully accomplished all that I had dreamed of becoming...well, you have lit a new flame for me to go for it! Thank you for your post!

Have a very BLESSED Day!

Mary Carole


I had to comment on this, I often wonder how my daughter will feel about her bother as she grows. My son is severely Autistic, can't speak the whole shabang. This gives me a glimmer of hope that she will continue to love him and cherish the person he has made her be. I know I do.

Congratz to your brother (and your parents) I bet there were alot of tears


What a beautiful story and something to be celebrated as a family ...thanks for sharing.


What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring us all. Love to you and your family.


Congratulations to your brother, what a sweet tribute to him. Thank you for sharing.

Leigh Ann Tennant

A most inspiring story, Sandy! The backs that bear the biggest burdens are those that should be patted most! Congratulations to you and to Sutter!


congratulations to Sutter!!


What a story! Congrats to Sutter! And to you too Sandi for sharing your story. Thank you for the gift of sharing.


Congratulations Sutter! and thank you for sharing your story Sandi. Keep up the good work!


This was beautiful, such a fantastic inspiring post. Congratulations to Sutter. And your family hot dog roasts kind of sound like mine, with all the titles and ex titles all coming together to celebrate something that goes beyond all of it. Thanks for the great read this morning.


This is a beautiful post, and you are so right about the family member with the extra challenges having so much to teach us and bless us with. I have a nephew with Down's Syndrome who turned 29 last week. He is such a joy to have at every single family event, and he teaches us all daily how to simply enjoy life.


Thanks for sharing that. What a triumph.

Carmen (Country Mouse)

Oh Sandy, what a lovely post! Congratulations to Sutter on this wonderful accomplishment!


Congratulations, Sutter!!!...so handsome!! I still remember playing with him when he was just a little guy. He has come so far and accomplished so much...and so have you!! Love you both!

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