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July 17, 2011


Mary on Lake Pulaski

This is fabulous news! Thanks for giving me a chance to vote on the colors.


Geeking out over this. Now I'll be able to copycat a quilt I've been eyeing for a looong time. (This one, in her header: http://kelbysews.blogspot.com/ ) Yahoo for reprints. :)


Hooray! Love this print. OK-to be fair I left one out but I'm not telling!


Oh! I forgot to mention that Vintage Dots is a real favorite, too! I've been hoarding what I have! And I need more!


oh god yes! I've been looking for pumpkin everwhere to complete my stash!

Sandi Henderson

yeah.. pumpkin is definitely one that gets requested a lot. :) I like it too! Just used some of it for a project in my next book, felt guilty because it is out of print, but now feel better because Im sure that one will make the cut. ;)

Sandi Henderson

April - that quilt is totally copy-worthy! So cute!

Dolores @ A Labour of Love

I love this print and have never actually owned any. Just googled Vintage Dots and I remember that one - yummy scrummy. So glad you are able to bring them back and thank you for the opportunity to vote on my fave colours.



Yippee! Love these prints so much! Would love to see an aqua/white combo and maybe a dark eggplant purple? :) Honestly, you can't go wrong with these prints, any color will be fabulous!


Seriously, how are we supposed to choose?! I love them all. Thanks for doing this!

Bountiful Quilter

This is news that I was really hoping for. I have one yard cuts of everything but the red/pink and the pumpkin and was actually thinking how cool it would be if a Henna Garden collection could be printed. I can't wait to see the print in new colorways!

Jeannette Bruce

Oh yea, my vote for pumpkin, plus that suggestion of an eggplant purple sounds wonderful.


Yes, I agree, there definitely needs to be a deep purple option! And I'm also thinking that a true red and white option would be fabulous as well. Really...any color combo would make me happy. ;)

Sandi Henderson


By true red do you mean sort of a bright Christmas red?



I have wanted to copy that four patch quilt you featured - the one with the black. The hardest to find for me were pumpkin and spring pink, I had the others collected one by one already. I love the speckle and brown (although really, I love them all)and I think besides a true red with white, a great combo would be black and white. Ohhhhhhh, new Vintage Dots will be wonderful too! By true red I mean....not pinky, not orangey and pair it with white please. :D

amy (badskirt)

for those seeking out pumpkin and spring, but can't wait for the rerelease or want the same fabric as before, they are still widely available around Australia. Here's a shop with both:



Oh yeah....how exciting. I love Henna Garden! And I cannot wait to get some Secret Garden.


You have really made my day (my week, my year .....)
I LOVE Henna Garden - so much so that I've recently started up a flickr group of projects with Henna Garden in it. The 2 top projects that you featured are mine (squeal), thanks for showing them off :)
I would love to see a light grey, a different green, an aqua and red on a white background .... and any other new ones that you can dream up. I can't wait ......


I would love to see the red/white and eggplant/deep purple combinations too as well as grey/white.


That is fabulous! The colors with white are most popular. Is it possible to get a blue and/or aqua with white flowers rather than the blue on blue?

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