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July 22, 2011



Serena really is a beautiful chicken! We've expanded our flock from 8-18 this spring and we'll be getting a rooster so we can keep expanding. It really is a rewarding thing to be able to give the animals that provide your food such a good life.


hehe, love the Ginger referance. Chicken Run is one of our favorite movies. You have a lovely looking flock :) My grandparents raised chickens and turkeys for meat for years when I was growing up. I spent hours holding and petting the fluffy chicks, knowing we would be eating them in a few months. It isn't nearly as morbid as it sounds. It was a good experience for me and the other grandkids, one I hope to be able to give my sons some day.

Pamela Graham

I love what you are doing...if I did not upset the powers to be (neighborhood association), I, too, would be raising chickens and sustaining my family. I did alot of that this summer with my garden. You are an awesome Mother! God Bless you! Pamie G.


I can't wait to see your chicken line. I will totally buy some. :)

We have six hens and have really enjoyed them. Our white americauna is the most mellow too. Instead of running when we try to pick her up, she just squats and freezes. We haven't named ours though because we plan on eating them when their egg production starts tapering off. Sad and shocking but true.

We live in a small town so can't raise our own meat, but buy half a cow and half a hog each year from friends. It is good to know that only half a cow and half a pig died for our yearly meat consumption and that they lived well while they were alive.

I would love to see some of your sketches when they are done.

Tina in Boston

As I was looking at those chick pics :) I was thinking, "I feel a chicken line coming on" and then I saw the chicken colored pens! Hah! How wonderful that you were able to get your chickens! I love that you are teaching your children as well.


So fun! My husband and I bought an old truck a few weeks ago from some people that had a big flock of chickens and they handed us a carton of eggs. I got home and decided that it would be fun to try to hatch them. So, we're within a few days of seeing if any of them made it or not. It took me a couple days to get an incubator, so I think we might not have the best chance, but at least now, I've roped the husband into getting chickens, which has been on my list for a few years now. If these don't hatch, I'm going to get another batch of eggs, and I guess if the next batch doesn't hatch, I'll just go get some chickens like you did!! Looking forward to the updates AND the chicken fabric!


Fresh eggs from healthy chickens are so much better tasting than the ones from the store- even the grass fed, cage free, organic ones! I can never go back.


I loved this post. I read Serena's blog religiously, and knew who you were talking about the moment I saw your post title! I can't wait to see your adventures on your very small little farm. It's a beautiful life indeed.


Awww i love your chickens! We have three (very small back garden), and we adore them. They are such wonderful animals.x


The eggs are great for natural dyes at Easter. You can make a lovely array of pastels. Or just put sparkles on them with no dye. Lovely either way.

Just be careful to lock them up during thunder storms. My mom lost her favorite chickens in a thunderstorm when a fox took the opportunity to teach it's babies how to hunt. It was tragic.


Welcome to the chicken world! We are head over heals in love with our 7 girls! We should start getting eggs very very soon. *swoon* You need to come out with a chicken print. There aren't enough whimsical chicken fabrics out. I'll be your first customer!


We are thinking of doing the whole back yard chicken thing too. I've been wanting to for years. What a beautiful name for your next fabric line... Serena!


Congratulations! We've had chickens for over a year now and and just adore those silly cluckers! They are quite entertaining :) I can not wait for your chicken line! The only cute one I've found was A. Henry's Farmdale. I'm sure yours will be even more awesome (no pressure) ;)


I've been dreaming of chickens. Not this year but you are inspiring me. Serena is beautiful.


Love this post - so great for your kids - wish we had the room for chickens...can't wait to see what your imagination dreams up for the fabrics!


LOL at Bonnie & Clyde. We have a horse we named "Houdini" for the same reason. :)


Well said!


We are getting our first flock of chickens this (hopefully) week. Most of my friends laugh about it and don't really understand our need for chickens...I mean there is a grocery store just up the road...but we seem to have an insatiable desire to be self sustaining. Plus when you are growing/raising the food you eat you know EXACTLY what you are putting into your bodies. No hormones, no steroids, no pesticides, etc.

Good for you!


How exciting! Someday I hope to have the space for chickens, too. Your photos are beautiful.


..."those chickens are up to something..."

Makes we wish I lived somewhere I could have more than just two kitties! And I love the idea of teaching your children that work is okay!

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