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August 25, 2011


heather from arizona

what? They aren't teaching cursive at your schools anymore? My kids' school started it in 3rd grade and i can't tell you how excited my son was to finally learn cursive! In 4th grade now he still uses it, makes him feel grown up.

I bet your house smells LOVELY with all that lavender!!


I use lavender to make sachets to put into drawers. A great place to order dried lavender in bulk is Save on Crafts.

Kim McBirnie

Put the flower heads in sugar to make lavender sugar, it's delish sprinkled on top of scones! I've got a copy of 'The lavender cookbook' by Sharon Shipley which has some amazing sweet and savoury recipes for cooking with the stuff.

Kim McBirnie

Thought I'd saved this! It's a how to on lavender sugar.


Caitlin Wallace

My mom always grew lavender in her flower gardens as well and when we were little she would take us out and help pick it and then we would make it into little lavender wands. To make them, you take a little bunch of lavender with long stems, use ribbon to tie around the bottom of the flowered part, then fold the stems back over the flowers. You then weave the ribbon in between the stems until you get to the bottom and then you tie it in a bow. We always hung then up in our bathroom like hanging potpourri.

I found this tutorial online that demonstrates how to make them: http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/1407/#b



When I lived in France I used to make lavender wands and linen sacks of dried flowers from the bushes around our house. Sometimes I'd toss in a bit of dried rosemary, which adds a nice pungency. The wands are easy and you can find tutes all over the internet; I think it's traditionally 31 stems per wand.

Mama Urchin

The kids still learn cursive here too. One thing I love to do with lavender is toss some buds around on the carpet before I vacuum. Makes the house smell heavenly.

Kim T.

This might be helpful?


One of the many farms here in town.


hey hun, I mentioned you on my blog... hope you dont mind... xxx


I bought some dried lavender from a farm market 2 years ago and stored it in a small paper bag (so it wouldn't mold). It still smells great! I bought a plant too, sadly it didn't grow back the next year. :(
How about making some organic soaps with it? You could wrap it in your fabrics and put beautiful labels on it. I would buy it and keep it in my craft room to smell!


Lavender bottles/wands are great because they require minimal supplies (lavender and ribbon) and you can pop them straight in the drawer and not have to worry about seed heads falling off. Once you get the hang of them they're really fast to make too. I also tuck the wands into my fabric bins. Here's a how to - you can vary the number of stalks you use - it depends on the type of lavender you have - just make sure it's an odd number.

Cheryl Jaeger

I use lavender in my eye pillows, along with buckwheat hulls and whole flaxseed.


Ooooh the lavender bundles are so pretty!

My friend and I had a conversation just yesterday about cursive writing and I found out last night in Ga we are still teaching cursive but they are thinking about doing away with it next year. So glad my daughter is learning it this year! It seems sad...and just another sign of how different my daughter's world is and will be.


Love all the wonderful info on lavender!


I make homemade organic "dryer pillows" out of mine. I just make little pillows out of organic wool felt and stuff them with lavender. Toss one of those in the dryer along with a handmade dryer ball (made from organic wool roving) and it's a perfect alternative to fabric softerners! I'll add a little chamomile to them for a special dryer pillow that I use when drying bedding.

Julia de Boer

I went to bulk barn this evening, and found a tea that has lavender buds in it! I thought it was weird, but I had to try it. It had pomegranate and green tea leaves as well. Maybe you can add it to tea for a little extra flavour. It tasted really wonderful.


I have a bunch of lavendar in my "herb garden" and I keep saying I want to try lavendar lemonade and baking with lavendar :)
Love the dryer pillow idea posted by Patrice - I am SO going to do that!


My neighbor gives me the lavender from his big bushes and I always let the little flowers fall off and mix it with flax seed, add some oil and make sachets and eye pillows. He just gave me some last week and the little flowers fell off as soon as it was dried though I was hoping to keep them intact. Not sure if it is just this variety or what but I am not sure how to keep the flowers on the stems.


I have seen it used in cookies, yumm!


Take the flowers off and make lavender pillows. Use a light weight organza or something like that. Leave an end open in the pillow pocket for the lavender flowers - put this in your drawers or under your pillow.

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