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May 23, 2012



oh-ho-ho! That one is a tear jerker! So well written Sandi. I have to say age nine has been like that for me....and I don't always handle it with this much grace. Well said. xo

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I just clicked over from another site and figured I should take a look around. Like what I see so now I'm following you. Look forward to checking out your some of your posts again.


Lovely...so incredibly true. I blinked and my baby is now 20. Your sentiments are exactly how I feel as we struggle with "grown-up" issues. Deep breaths and prayer see us through.


i dont think i should be crying right now, but i am.
my six year old sweet girl needs to read this post too!
i see the beginning of this in our family life....xo


I read through tears. This could have been written by me to my seven-year-old daughter. You put my feelings on paper so beautifully.

heather from arizona

Oh Sandi- that was so sweet!

I was just observing to my husband that our daughter 7.5 has started to get really lippy and snotty and dramatic as of late, I mentioned I did not like to see this side of our typically sweet and generous little girl. He agreed. Then I realized that our now 10yo son started to get the same way around 8. He is now a lovely 10year old who handles his frustration MUCH better. I think with my daughter maybe this too is a phase, the sassy sevens...that lasts a few years?
Everyone always talks about the terrible two's and the annoying fours, but I don't remember ever hearing about the sassy years BEFORE puberty!

Good luck to you and your beautiful family!


It sure is nice to know we aren't alone in all this parenting drama. My MIL has always told me "wait until 3rd grade, that's when they'll start", and boy am I seeing it in my 8 year old boy. He is an emotional one, just like his momma. Again Sandi, thanks for sharing.

Sandi Henderson

Thanks Heather!

That is a hopeful theory! I will hold onto it for all Im worth! LOL



We're there too! Good perspective:)


Ahh yes...this happens..you are a beautiful Momma....it is all good. I promise. My babies are now teens. How did this happen?? This was a lovely written post and one we can all relate to.


Okay, you just brought me to tears. Really, I'm crying. Oh, the memories. My daughter was all about drama, and anger, and defiance during her teen years. My boys did not bring that on, at all. Well, they did, but in a Very different way.
What I can share now, is that she and I found each other again, and we are the very best of friends, but only after those tumultuous preteen and teen years.
Your post tells me that you are a sensitive, loving Mom, and I just know you two will come out on the other end as besties! Loved this post, Sandi!


She is blessed.

Robin H.

I'm sure the message of your unconditional love will be cherished one day.

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Olea mills

Thank you for this.
I have been a lurker on your blog for a year or so now but never commented until now. Today was a really rough day with my toddler and, as I am coming to the end of it, am on my last ounce of patients. As a new (ish) parent I am constantly told to savor all of my moments, the good with the bad, because of how fast she grows. I get it. I do, really, but acting on that in the moment is HARD! I really needed the reminder that at the end of the day she is my baby, and will always be.
again, thanks.

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