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May 15, 2012



I love that.

At this point I can't leave home without either a burp cloth or diaper wipes. Funny, I was just thinking on my drive home today of what I wanted to be when I was a kid. I used to love to draw...I don't know what happened.

Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration.


I haven't traveled with many real/good art making materials in far too long. I recently started carrying around mini sketchbooks, but your mini watercolor case is brilliant. Now I want to copy you! (Not surprisingly of course!) Its nice to see you blogging more.

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Wow! That's a great Portable art tool you have. It's a quick pick for ready art made.


I just discovered your blog, which is a shame, because I've been obsessed with your Secret Garden collection since it came out. You're so talented!!! Looking forward to much more inspiration in the future.


Thank you for this post! Now I must order that watercolor brush...I'm yearning to rediscover my love of drawing and I do believe that brush will come in handy. A few years ago, you shared some insight as to the pencils you use when creating your sketches. I don't recall the brand name, but do you still use them? I think I'll search your blog for that post. I am amazed at your ablility to transform items into different uses....brilliant!


What an awesome idea!! My daughter is an artist and is always digging in my purse for a pen, think I'll steal this little idea for her! Maybe I'll do a smaller miniature set for her. Thanks!
Heather from Kalispell :)


I am so envious of your talent! Your paintings and sketches are beautiful. Those strawberries are edible.


I really like your portable art kit, I have seen so many different kinds at Jerrysarterama.com and also at http://www.dickblick.com/products/winsor-and-newton-cotman-watercolor-pan-sets/ Dick Blick , I bought the Windsor watercolor field set because I saw it in an article about April Cornell . parently she used it up very well, it was all over the page and looked very user friendly at the time. Yours look vintage and very well thought out, it looks unique and I wondered where did you get that pan set I have looked all over and never saw anyting like yours. Lovely...Izzy


Love this Sandi! You gotta share the store on etsy where you you bought the case. I am too lazy right now to make one.


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Emily Roberts

What etsy shop did you find the pencil case at? I have a similar palette but the case would make my life infinitely easier!

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Terri Simmers

very smart Idea Dear. I always take to much.


t's at once poignant and goofy, alarming and sweet, and filled with vignettes of mother-child relations that will have you squirming with recognition, no matter who you are.

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