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May 01, 2012



At least no one can irritate you like I can:) Okay, just kidding! I'm loving the shirts.

Carmen Wyant

Only in Montana-you had me at skinned it with a hunting knife-laughing at that one. Only a Montana girl would look at it that way. I hope it hadn't been raining on it too much. Up here in the Swan that is all it has done for a week now.


Awww. You are my meant-to-be friend too. I guess I need to come up with an idea for my half of the hide now...hmmmm...Hunting knife sheath? ;-)


oh my goodness, is that a vintage longpile couch? My friend and I dream of finding one of these abandoned by the side of the road!! Perfect for making teeny tiny miniature bears. Sadly the fashion for velvet couches never reached us down under and it's going to be a sheer miracle if we ever find such a thing!

abercrombie fitch madrid

Zumindest niemand kann Dich so wie ich kann irritieren .. ich hoffe, es hatte nicht auf sie zu viel regnet. Hier oben in der Schwan, der alle es für eine Woche getan hat, ist jetzt.

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Ihre Arbeit ist sehr interessant. Besonders gut gefällt mir Ihre Einstellung zu "springen den Hai." Thanks for sharing!

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