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June 05, 2012



This summer will be my second time container gardening, and it has been lots of fun! It doesn't produce as much, but then it is a lot easier to take care of too!


sometimes it just takes a little time to feel badly enough to realize that we dont want to waste our time feeling badly when there is are many better alternatives.. but often we have to stop there just long enough to get sick of it! well thats how I am anyways.. and usually I get sick of it within a day or two! Good for you for the attitude adjustment and for finding ways to feed your green thumb!
have a great week!


Hi, I placed an order with you beginning of May and have not received the order and have sent two messages through customer service. Are you still taking orders? I don't have time to read and follow your blog, but is your business still up and running? The payment has been sent through Paypal. I am sorry to have to leave a comment like this, but I am not getting any response and it is a little frustrating. :-/

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Su trabajo es muy interesante. En especial me Quieres que tu punto de vista sobre 'saltando el tiburón.' Gracias por compartir!

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When I realized it probably wasn't going to happen in time to plant a full on plot in our own space, I withdrew into a bit of self-pity-green-thumb-depression.

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