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July 27, 2012


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Awesome pictures!!! I am converted to Seeley Lake now too. It was a great sail, thanks for inviting us to come camping!

Bev Bryan

That little boy! Oh I can't even tell you how that photo of him flexing his muscles made me flash back to when my boys were that age. It's a perfect photo of a perfect boy...complete with a boy's badge of honor bandaid! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!

Cheery wave from Bev



That looks like a whole lot of awesome!!


I grew up there, so it's in my heart but joco is my home now. We're all the same, or I wish we'd all see it that way. I fly my Mizzou flag proudly so don't you worry about that.


I grew up there, so it's in my heart but joco is my home now. We're all the same, or I wish we'd all see it that way. I fly my Mizzou flag proudly so don't you worry about that.

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Such a great idea! I am so intimidated taking photos in restaurants, but I'd love to play! Let's see where this weekend takes me.;

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Damian Kellen

Speaking of Tim Dobbins, if you don’t know Dobbins was a thumper between the tackles you should now after watching him scrap with Vonta Leach on ISO blocks. Dobbins didn’t wait for Leach, he met him head-up in the hole and stale-mated the hammer-head FB on each battle. I’ll just let you know that I’m a fan of Dobbins getting snaps ahead of James or D. Sharpton if all three are healthy.

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