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July 26, 2012



oh what joy...now i want to visit. Such a pretty carousel...thanks for sharing. ox


Its true, you don't know how wonderful Missoula is until you move! The carousel defiantly holds a special place in my heart. Even my husband realized how super di duper awesome and fast it is. Oh how do I wish to go Out to Lunch again! :)


Provo/Orem are my old stomping grounds! Catch me before you go, and I'll see what places you do an do not know about, and more on what you're looking for. You should bike the provo river trail (if you have access to bikes at all) up provo canyon. I used to do that all the time, and it is gorgeous AND nice and paved and kid friendly.

Natalie Christensen

I am from the Orem area. What kind of things are you looking for? There is the Provo beach resort in the river woods mall in Provo. They have indoor surfing, A small carousel,climbing,golfing,and a bunch of other activities great for families. The hiking is always wonderful. I also enjoy the salt lake city farmers market in Liberty park open every Saturday morning. They have all sorts of awesome food and crafty stuff too. Maybe I will be lucky enough to run into you one day.

Robin Love

Oh, how your post makes me miss Missoula! I was born there and get to go back every once in a while to visit all my Foust relatives. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, it was wonderful!


I grew up there, so it's in my heart but joco is my home now. We're all the same, or I wish we'd all see it that way. I fly my Mizzou flag proudly so don't you worry about that.


I grew up there, so it's in my heart but joco is my home now. We're all the same, or I wish we'd all see it that way. I fly my Mizzou flag proudly so don't you worry about that.

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Grazie per aver scritto questo. Mi sento come se io so molto di più su questo che ho fatto prima. Il tuo blog veramente portato alcune cose alla luce che non avrei mai pensato prima di leggerlo. Si dovrebbe continuare questa, Im maggior parte delle persone sarebbe d'accordo sicuro youve ha ottenuto un dono.

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Sandi, Thanks for the wonderful tips about the carousel. I went up to visit friends and we had lunch on the Green and then went to visit the Carousel on Wednesday. I also had a chance to visit the Selvage fabric store as well.
I loved driving and walking the downtown college area and seeing the sweet fawns. What a beautiful city! I enjoyed the hometown feel. Thanks again for sharing your city.

Nancy Franson

Our favorite Provo/Orem sights include picnicking and splashing and Bridal Veil Falls and the hike to Timpanogos Cave up American Fork Canyon. Have fun!

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