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July 13, 2012



Omhosh genius!!!! Ihave to confess, my husband and i just made an offer on a place outside florence and ive been daydreaming of bumping into you at farmers market, although id make a complete dork of myself im sure! Ive collected your fabrics and patterns forever! And may have almost been committed over a obsessive buying spree when i worked at the local quilt shop;)


Movies in the afternoon and bringing our own snacks. I know, I know, we're not supposed to do that. But Hubby is concerned about his weight (he brings seaweed snacks from Trader Joe's) and sometimes I do, too.
Such a brilliant idea to share the date night co-op! So great for your marriage too.
Cute skirt!


What a great idea - sharing the babysitting. I'm trying to get a couple other families together to do that once a month. As for free dates . . . hmmm I'll have to think on that one.


LOVE the idea of a date night co-op! Going to try to see I can get one together where I'm at. Thanks for the idea!

Sandi Henderson


Would you believe that after years of sneaking in snacks, I actually got busted by a pimply faced teenage manager the other day? :) He told me that if I didnt put the rice krispie down, I would have to deposit it in the garbage.



Our last 'date night' consisted of going to the Library, Grocery Shopping and out for coffee. Not really a date but out without kids and time for chatting.

We also walk on the river trail or go to the lake. But I always feel like a part of me is missing when we go to fun places without the kids. Lame, I know.


movie matinée, bring our own snacks, although, sometimes i have to indulge in *movie popcorn* ... and we split dinners sometimes, too ... the portions are HUGE and we don't eat a whole lot, so it works out ....



i should have added to *bring our own snacks,* that it's mostly m&m's and they fit in my pocket ....

Lisa LeBlanc

That sounds like a perfect plan! Is there a pattern for that skirt?


Such a very nice idea. I love the concept of sharing date with us. I really love to be updated with this kind of story.


Summer is easier for date night fun for us, but we like to go for walks (at the lake, along the river, at the park), swimming is also fun for us, we have a great park here with yummy cheap ($0.75) ice cream cones, we like to get in the car and just drive somewhere and see where it leads us.

Can't wait to see what else everyone comes up with. Keep posting your ideas. We use to eat out too, but my husband is trying to lose weight so we only do that once a month (cheaper too!)


Love the skirt, too cute! (even if inappropriate for bike riding, I am sure the hubby liked it!) I think the date night co-op is fantastic, what a great idea!

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what a fun, bright and cheery blog


Brilliant plan for date nights!

Gorgeous skirt, Sandi! Very pretty, even it's not the best for bike rides. ;o)

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