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September 26, 2012



beautiful tablecloth! and I love your tea ball, mine is a plain, metal, boring one! I use loose tea all the time! Nothing to be afraid of. I like berry teas, or a good peppermint. There are so many herbal/caffeine free ones out there. Enjoy!

Lori Porten

Oh my!! I have a HUGE collection of loose leaf teas. My husband and I switched in January when we wanted to get away from drinking the tea packets that you pour into a water bottle as they have artificial sweeteners. I highly recommend that you try to get to a Teavana store if you can. Not sure where you live, but they are a chain and have a whole wall of tea. They are very helpful and assist you in getting just what you need and like. They have samples to try and they get down those huge tea tins and let you smell as many as you want. Also, the tins that they show you the tea in and let you smell have exactly how much caffeine is in the tea printed on the side, and they have many, many that are caffeine free. My favorites for fall from them are the maharaja chai (a little clove-y) mixed with their zinziber ginger coconut. Oh my. Stand by favorites for me from there are wild orange blossom mixed with golden monkey, and their samarai chai (more cinnamon-y but with a good amt of caffeine). They have literally tons of choices and they all taste delicious. Check out their website. Let me know if you have any more questions. I was very intimidated too and I feel like I know quite a bit more about it now!


My favorite decaf tea is Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. It's a little bit like drinking tea that tastes like those little red hot candies. It warms you right up in the fall. And the best part about it is, it needs no sugar---I'm not sure how it doesn't but it is just delightful. It comes in decaf or regular, loose leaf or cute little tea bags...love it!

Mrs. Tibbetts

That just breaks my heart. I can't tell you how many garage and estate sales I've been to in the Napa Valley and families of people that have passed are just selling beautiful peices just like this for pennies when it should be kept in the family. Whoever made that table cloth spent weeks on that beautiful embroidery. At least it ended in the hands of someone who truly appreciates it!!!

Jill W

I live by the most amazing Goodwill. So many wonderful things come in there, but it makes my heart sad when I see afgans, needlework, and whole sets of china. I know it's because somebody cleaned out Grandma's house when she died and just tossed everything. I still have all of the work my Grandmas did and will pass them down to my kids. I think part of it is our own fault when we don't pass the heritage along with the item. Why would a child in this throw away society care about something great- grandma made when they don't feel any connection or love to that person?
I noticed your gorgeous table cloth and appreciated it.


I know what you mean. It always breaks my heart a bit, but on the flip side I am always so incredibly grateful to find handwork gems like these. We don't have any that have been passed down in our families. I treasure the vintage finds at our local thrift stores.
As to loose tea... We LOVE "Evening in Missoula". It is heaven in a cup with a little bit of honey. I get it in the bulk section at the Co-op here in Bozeman.


Oh, and I think that acorn tea ball is lovely. I also like a mixture of Peppermint and Chamomile. And there is a yummy loose Licorice root tea at the Co-op as well. Way better than Licorice tea in a bag and so good for scratchy throats.

Georganne Deis

Love the tea ball! My favorite tea is de-caf and also full of antioxidents. It's a red tea(rooibos) from Republic of Tea called Good Hope Vanilla. Fabulous hot and iced!

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Carol Miskin

LOVE your tablecloth, what a find! Why don't I ever find cool stuff like that? I made a similar one from a friend's kit that she sold in her garage sale, and it took FOREVER!!!

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