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November 26, 2012



beautiful photos.
sounds like an amazing time.

Ghisllei Brasil

Beautiful Photos.


Oh, this takes me back. I love Kauai. I wonder if one of those rock sculptures still standing is mine. Did you make one too? I took my Mom and daughter this past summer. I'm so glad you made it to Glass Beach! The first trip I took there, it was clearly marked and touted in all travel books. This time, the signs were all gone and no one talked about it- I understand why though. In the late 90's the glass was thigh deep, over the entire beach.


I NEED to take some girls only vacations! I absolutely love that picture of the secluded beach, the one just before the rock sculpture pictures. You should print it out poster size for your wall. It is totally captivating. Thanks for sharing more pictures! And kudos on doing hula in front of so many people! I'm going to have to ask your mom for that video. I'm so glad you got to go on such a great vacation.







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kauai is my home-away-from-home! great pick. so glad you did napali while you were there. go back, there is soooo much more to see. been going there annaully for 9 years and still not bored. heaven on earth!

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