I'm sure you can't exactly take the time to answer my question, but I've enjoyed looking at your blog and I just wonder how did you get into this?
I'm in high school right now and I really would love to do what you're doing someday. I love photography and fabric, and any other kind of art.

Were you in photography clubs in high school? Did you go to art school to design fabric, or did you just start on your own? How do you get these opportunities??


Patti Carbonneau

Hi Sandi -

First of all you are a great inspiration to us all who strive to do what we love!!!

I am curious - You mentioned you use a Wacom Tablet. I am in the process of doing research and possibly buying one for my design work. If you wouldn't mind - Which one do you use or would you recommend.

Thanks for your help !!! Patti


Hi Sandi,you are one in a million.As I am made to understand not all designers share this type of infos but you are a blessing to so many of us wannabe designers.I am on maternity leave in the UK,and am thinking of giving this dream of mine a go.I actually want to do beddings,quilts and cushions,but have decided to design my own fabrics and make my beddings.You have inspired me to the core.Ican't stop drooling over your fabrics,its like drugs,Ilove beddings and quilts so much your work is truly first class.Keep up the good work. Giood Luck


Hi Sandi,I love your website!You are so talented.I have some design ideas for fabric,but do not know how to go about actually getting them on fabric.What mills would give me the time of day,what does it usually cost and how much of a sample of my work would I have to submit??? I am clueless,I hope maybe you can point me in the right direction and any added info would be so helpful.Thank You so much!

Sara Priebe

What size would the sample need to be - considering how the repeat may work? I'm thinking in a digital format - say Illustrator. Thanks!! Absolutely love your work.

Toni olde Hanhof

Hi, my question is - is there a manufacturer that makes what ever I woudl like - regardless of what they like? I want to get my designs done- and woudl love if they liked it - but am not so concerned about that. I did contact many of the companies that you had on your site - but a few were really rude and just hung up on me - I was just speechless. Is there a certain process that you have to follow? or nicer compaies to deal with? :) thank you for any info about this. Toni

Rebecca ?C

Hi there
your website is great! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.
I would like to ask how I go about purchasing a fabric design to have reprinted myself? I am looking for some retro cowboy/pirate style designs and am then going to have some fabric made and some pyjamas made for children! Any ideas please !!!


Hi, I have some of the same questions as the others above: Do you need an agent to sell the designs? Who and how do you get a portfolio shown? What size do the samples need to be? I have tons of repeating patterns I have created and would love to see if anyone would be interested in them for fabrics but don't know how to go about that.



Hi Sandy!
I just purchased 4 beautiful print scrub jackets. The prints are so versatile. I can wear them with many colors. I wore one today I rec'd many compliments. The prints are simple and cheery without being over powering. I was wondering this question and who comes up with the prints and how are they processed. Thanks so much!

product design

Fabric design is very interesting thing for people like to do it, however, still not easy for me do it.


I came to your blog and to this post and found this information you shared very useful. Thank you. Beatriz/sao paulo/brazil


Hi Sandi,

I tried to post a comment on this blog. Im not sure it went through. I am interested in designing fabrics. I am impressed with all these clothing and its fabrics...Its very colorful!! I love it! I used to be a graphic designer long time ago. I am glad I found this website to find out how I should process my work before submitting to the manufacturer. I thought of taking a class in textiles but at the same time I feel the urge to jump in to design fabrics. I have few questions I need to know what size i need to create my design and what kind of programs I need in order to do this? Do you recommend to use one of these fabric softwares such as Moda Cad and Tukastudio? I currently have Photoshop and Illustrator. Would that work? I look forward to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to read my comment.

cialis online

I'm a huge believer of the importance of design. I'm not so sure about design + marketing >> engineering. Design should incorporate engineering, not be opposed to it or somehow differentiated from it. It's important to remember that these are processes, not discrete elements

LaTarah Fields

i originally had come to this website to find research for a school project but am now considering this type of design....

marcene schmitt

Wow! thanks for your information on how to design fabric. I've been thinking about this for many years, but never started. Its all in my head, and I didn't know how to start. I will follow your advise. and now, go check out more of your designs.


Hi Sandy,
I love your website, very inspirational!! I found a lot of great information that I was looking for. Thank you so much! I too and like some of the others and wondering what kind of software do you recommend. I am completely clueless about the software and not very good at drawing, but I think my ideas could be very nice on fabric. I was just wondering where I need to start. I know I don't have much to deal with, but I do have time, as I am a stay at home mom now and have lots of time, we'll sometime... :)
Thank you again for your time!

carpet cleaning

This is such a neat blog. I just discovered it and now my day at work got much better. I will open eye dream of my fabric designs.


Hi, I love to draw, and I have some sewing skills, but sewing isnt my forte. Can I design fabric and clothing without being a sewer?


Hi Sani,

This is the first time I'm visiting your website and i really love it.I studied fashion designing in college but never got to do much practically.But,I'm crazy about designing n have done a lot of creative craft and painting work which my friends have loved.The truth is that I'm very keen n inteested in designing fabrics for home furnishings.Please tell me where to start and some good sites for learning designing softwares like photoshop etc.Your suggestion of other softwares is also appreciated.Waiting for your reply.Thanks !!

Janette Goodall

Hi, your information you have provided is fantastic. Just wondering how do you locate manufacture to submit designs to?

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