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January 10, 2008



Cccccute! Love 'em!


um, a free pattern coming soon? just mayyyybee babbby?


pattern pattern pattern??? Not in my size though :S heheh

I have a bunch of your lovely fabrics on order and I can't wait to get em!!!


Others have already said, a tutorial coming by way of Shir Madness. :)

Sandi Henderson

Ahh..not even close. What's that saying? "It's right in front of your face"?



You got new tags saying Sandi Henderson Design on them. Are you starting a new line of childrens clothing under the name of Sandi Henderson Designs?


A pattern?! A clothing line? A giveaway? (A girl's gotta dream! LOL!)

danni perez

a free pattern or tutorial?

Sandi Henderson

Ahh..nobody is even close.



Okay, this is the mommy in me and not at all related to your business. Is she potty trained now? Is she wearing big girl pants? Ooh, I hope that's it!

Sandi Henderson

I love it! But no, not the answer. She is potty trained though, has been for a while. ;) That's great!


Is it the trim? I know you mentioned some new trims by Micheal Miller the other day.


Can everyone get yardage of ginger blossom now??? Please??? I want some SOOOOO bad!!


OOO! You're writing a book on children's fashion?


You're a great big brat!!!! Grin!


spill it!


oh I think Crisanne has got it - the trim! I was thinking patterns too (which is a great idea since your clothes are too cute!!) but then I saw her answer and knew that had to be it. When is your material going to be available? I'm dying to get my hands on some!!


Is it the trim?? I got some of the Michael Miller trim so I just wrote that off. Are you releasing a line of trims??


I know, I know! But, I won't spoil the fun by spilling the beans. All I will say is think soft, fuzzy, and warm...

Sandi Henderson

Actually nope. Not the trims-those aren't even MM ones! All the guesses have come up at some point as possibilities, but are none of the things I am announcing/sharing/showing. I thought it was pretty easy, but I suppose it is much easier to say that when you know the answer to the riddle. Your guesses and emails are keeping me in stitches. And no -no baby on the way! LOL Nobody seems brave enough to put that one in comments. ;)



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