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January 08, 2008



Very yummy, Sandi....now this is something I can eat with my wheat allergy....we're BIG into Oats in our house! I love homemade granola.....have fun with the strike offs.


ohh, Sandi! That sounds yummmy. I want some. Can I have some?
Thanks for all of your encouragement and enthusiasm in the last few days! You are awesome! Can't wait till we get to meet. I am leaning toward going to Portland. I am open to letting you and Tanya talk me into it!


I was just on the Michael Miller website today looking to see if your line was out. My best friend and I are anxiously awaiting the debut! We love, love, love it! BTW...the granola is making my stomach growl! Looking forward to those tutorials too. Take Care.


OH YUM! That looks and sounds so wonderful! I love all the new stuff you've done w/your blog!

I love the stuff you do w/your kids! You're such a great mom!!!

Laura Gunn

love the new look! Super yummy.


Oh, that looks so good. I think I even have most of those on hand. Hmmm - sewing or baking... decisions, decisions LOL I guess for now I'll just have to be satsified with my store bought cereal.

BTW - I'm another who has issues swallowing pomegranate seeds. I love the fruit but they're such a mess to each. I think I'll try again soon, though.


HOORAY!!! The granola I buy at a health food store is just a bit too much $$$ right now so I thought I would try Honey Bunches of Oats.....not enough honey in my opinion (I'm trying really hard to get off of the kiddos cereal....no really!) so I was thinking of buying some boxed granola today. But now, I will make this! Thanks so much for this recipe! I think I will leave the nutmeg out of mine.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of your fabulous fabric!



Okay, I'm a few days late -- but that's my life these days. :) I made the granola tonight and my house smells fabulous. The recipe is great, super easy, super tasty, my husband has already eaten a few bowls of it... BUT -- how did you keep it from sticking to the pan??? I admit, I let it sit for a while. Do you use parchment paper or any oil on the pan??? Or perhaps, you don't get sidetracked as easily...?!?

Sandi Henderson

I didn't use any spray or anything, but I did take it off the pan right when it came out the second time. It was a little sticky then, so I imagine if you let it sit for a bit it would be pretty hard! I bet a silpat mat would do the trick!


martha schuster

oh yum. must have this! it looks so yummy! i LOVE your photograhy too!!

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