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November 04, 2008


Lisa Chin

Very cute costumes! I spent about a month making a dinosaur costume for my son when he was two. The costume scared him, and he wouldn't wear it or go near it. However once his friends came over in costumes AND he figured out he could get candy by wearing it, he wouldn't take it off! That was the beginning of our days of costume making! He's now 21 and still not too big (all 6' 6" of him) for Halloween! Fortunatley he tries to make costumes now from thrift store finds, and I don't have to sew them anymore.

* tonya *

The costumes look great. As if they wouldn't. Afterall 'you' made them. How could anything you do every go awry.


Fun costumes, good momma!

Wasn't it nice to have a lovely-weather Halloween evening again this year?


Sandy- don't know how you do it, with just getting home from quilt market and all of your other projects! The costumes are adorable, but my favorite, which makes you all the more genuine are the trick or treat bags!! LOL! Your kids are adorable!What a good mom you are! Keep up the good work!:)


We had a friend who made her son a cute skunk costume. He freaked out when he saw it and refused to wear it. She had to go buy him a penguin outfit. You are definitely NOT alone:)


How proud your little girl looks! I love what you made for your son too ^^) Very original. I remember my son not wanting to get dressed up. He still hates it (15 now), even though carnival is very popular where we live. I always left him at home when they celebrated carnival at school. It made him so unhappy.

Amanda K

Oh wow, the tinkerbell costume rocks! Well done you.

Andrea  Larsen

My son wouldn't wear his costume either....

I like the costumes. Very cute! BTW...don't remember if I said THANKS for your encouragement at market. I have tentative good news. Nothing in writing just yet, but we are in the works!

Sivje Parish

Cute! I love the green pixie outfit and the shark is really clever!
I made my little one a Madeline dress and coat because she begged for it all year. Sooooo, as she is getting dressed in her costume for the harvest party that night, she announced that she wanted to be Snow White instead. Yeah right kid! I told her that since Madeline had such a good imagination in her stories, she could pretend to be Snow White in her imagination while wearing the Madeline costume! Heehee!

Oh and I love the trick or treat bags too! You are definitely a real mom!

happy zombie

Oh your kids look wonderful! I can't believe how fast you got that all together. Cracking up over the Freddie's bags - the cobbler's kids have no shoes.

Tiff@Three Peas

Cute!!! My son refused to wear a costume too. I had to go out and buy Pj's that had a detachable cape so he could at least look like he had on a costume. He was super man.


Ok, those are adorable!! And I just have to say that I am in love with the fabric, seriously and truly I get giddy when I look at it! I made a dress with it if you are interested


Take care!


Okay, fine, so my Tinkerbell wasn't quite as cute!

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting


Really great costumes! Looks like the kids loved them! You're preaching to the choir re: not wearing th costume until 8:00.

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