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September 20, 2009



OOoooooo, I LOVE these new patterns and new fabrics!! I'm new to sewing, my husband just got me a sewing machine and I can't wait to try some of these! Thank you!!


I think you are fantastic! Can't wait to order some prints and get started. I quilt and these patterns are going to be perfect in my craftsman cottage home. Thank you for sharing your talents.


Adorable!!! I love how it is a mix of vintage and modern. I can't wait to make my daughter and myself some cute skirts with this new line.


I love it! It has a slightly retro feel but is so fresh and modern too. And I LOVE that petal skirt pattern, I'm adding it to my wish list for sure.


I love that you make such fresh and fun designs in your fabrics, and the patterns really accent that well, too! So cute! I really want to be better at sewing and might need to work on getting some of this cute stuff to motivate me :) It is all just so lovely, Sandi.

Tonya Yarwood

This is my favorite of your designs! I love that you are introducing brown, orange and green together. My favorite combinations. The prints are stunning!

Leslie Herbert

oh I LOVE your new lines! GORGEOUS! I am so happy you are keeping some of the same designs with new colors! YAY! I also love the idea of the printable patterns, can't wait to see and purchase those!


I am digging the dark brown/orange/green combos! Absolutely beautiful. How long do we have to wait for it!!!??!


Love it, I can't wait until the fabric and patterns are available.


Love them! I'm one of those spoiled ones whose mother sewed EVERYTHING for them....until now! I'm breaking free and loving it! Can't wait to get some of these beautiful fabrics. This is soooo addicting! :)


Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics! I LOVE all the colors! I will have to start saving my pennies!!!

Jemellia H.

Love it all, my favorite seems to be the brown henna print!


Beautiful! I love the names of the colorways, too. Peach and Pear. It reminds me of the debutantes on the movie What A Girl Wants with Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth.

I will be purchasing the whole Pear colorway as soon as it is available.

Jealous of your job!


Wow!!! I am loving the blues!! thank you for sharing!


Oh! My! Gosh! I can see how a store would not want to HAVE to chose because how could you? They are ALL fantastic! I love the patterns too! I've been wanting to make a shirt for my daughter the Lemonade Swing Top looks adorable. Giddy like non other, you rock! :)


They are gorgeous...every bit! I think my favorite is pear...but I love them all! Bits and pieces would be so wonderful!!! And when, when, when will these fabrics be available?!


oooooo!! I am so excited to see your new fabric Sandi and can't wait to see it in our Australian stores. Any idea when would that be? What fun it is contemplating the possibilities of what to create with your gorgeous creativity. thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! So bright, fresh and pretty. LOVE the name "meadowsweet". Printable patterns are a wonderful idea that makes a project easily achievable. blessings abundant from Barb


OHHHHH Love the fabric!! Why oh why do you have to be so talented! I can see the money flowing out the door! I can also see all the cute stuff to come! Thank you Thank you for being so talented!

I love the skirt pattern! Please Please tell me that you have found a way to make it for full figured gals like me! I can NEVER find cute patterns!


So fun! Can't wait!

Michelle Warkentin

You made a brown henna fabric. sigh. its lovely. I think it would make a gorgeous fabric headboard for my daughter's room. I love the pear colorway and the printable patterns are a great idea!

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