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November 24, 2010



Oh, yes, the blue room view definitely will make all that blue blend right into the sky...

heather from arizona

if you can paint the cupboards white and add some red accents, you might be able to pass the room off....but you're right, the view is beautiful!


Love your beautiful thread collection and what an awesome find to keep it organized in. Pretty view.


Love your thread organization and I can't wait to see the purple bathroom! That's my favorite color :)


Wow! what an amazing view. Love your blog, found it via Soulemama. Will be stopping by regularly. All the best!


When I was looking at your blue room and the blue kitchen, I thought about how much room there is for your kids to play.
And, oh! that view! Yeah, what blue???

Miss Prickly

Ha Ha...I think that the same carpet was in our house when we moved in!

Elena @ Breakfast for Dinner

Gorgeous thread pics! Any chance I could get a copy to print and hang in my studio? Thanks either way :)


Gorgeous views! Our snow is coming this weekend. I think I put that linoleum into a bathroom addition in my first house......courtesy of Home Depot.


Wow...that's a blue room! But the view makes me forget it all!

Leslie Schmidt

That is a spectacular view! And I love blue. It isn't gaggy or anything like that. The house looks cozy and warm and homey. Happy Thanksgiving in your new home!


I lOVE that view and I must say that those candy spools looks pretty delicious!!


Amazing view! Can't wait to see what you do with your blue kitchen, if anyone can make it gorgeous, you can!


Great layout. Incredible view and oh so blue. But really, that's easy to fix!


Lol... we bought a house in Bailey, Colorado that I called the blue house. Everything was blue including the woodstove that I would've happily strapped to the top of my car when I moved back to Missoula. Your new house looks like it has great possibilities, "bones" as they say. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family in your new house with it's blue hues. :) Jil

Bonnie Jackson

Ooh. I love the spool box. I'm going to keep a lookout for one. And look on the blue side, I mean the bright side, I didn't see any almond coloured appliances in your kitchen. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of the border!

Sew Create It - Jane

I love your blue kitchen..the space of the room is wonderful! Of course, this is coming from the girl whose kitchen is in rubble at the moment and is very slowly coming back together...man I wish I moved out for this DIY project!

Can't wait to see the purple bathroom...mine was brown and pale blue when we moved in!


I love houses with character! Much better than my cookie cutter house (it is weird to go into your neighbors house and it is the same as your But, not!?) Lucky you (envy in is green- do you have a green room too?).


Love the blue Kitchen. I can't wait to see the Purple Bathroom cause I too have a purple bathroom. Complete with a purple bath tub, sink and the ever talked about purple toilet.lol. Gotta love it!!


Wow, that blue room is something else! But you really can't beat that view, for sure! I have been struggling with thread organization since I started sewing--your idea is genius! I love it! I may have to steal it for sure.

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