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December 31, 2012



So glad you're on the rise...thank you for sharing. Here's to an amazing 2013! xoxo


All I could think of as I read this is God is good, all of the time. Even in our worst of times, He is with us, works through us, works for us, sees us to brighter days. Thanks for sharing, it's never easy to talk about struggles, but thank you for sharing a bit of you that is so good and warm and wonderful. You are inspiring. Keep going...

Terry Conner

Happy New Year! I look forward to your blog in 2013.


I've been reading your blog for about 3 years now and I love your fabrics and patterns. I'm not sure I've commented before though. You along with several others have made me realize what I want to learn and accomplish. I just wanted to tell you that it was nice to hear that I'm not the only one who has had their family plans thrown in their face and experienced troubling, scary physical, mental, emotional upheaval. It took a lot of guts for you to share even a small piece of your trials with your readers and I just wanted to say, I'm sorry things have been so ruff and thank you for sharing.


BRAVO, girl! You made it, stronger and wiser!
My favorite picture? You hugging the chicken! I don't know why, it just touched me.
Happiest of New Years to you and your family!!!


Happy New Year Sandi! Congtas on coming through 2012 a stronger woman....sounds like quite a year for you! 2013 is going to be fabulous, I just know it!


Such a sweet story. Thank you for sharing and wishing you a beautiful 2013! Love your water colorings!!!

Jan Richards

Thank you for sharing your year. May God bless you all in the coming year. So glad you are in your home and on the upswing now.


I'm sorry to hear that you have had so much to struggle with during 2012, but it sounds like you have come through it a stronger, healthier person so here's hoping that 2013 will be a wonderful year for you! You have a wonderful artisitic talent and I hope you get to share it in ways that are mmeaningful to you. Hugs!

Kara O

I love your honesty in your trials. Life is hard and throws us so many obstacles, but we are here to find joy and you're words and art bring me joy! Thank you for what your presence brings to my life. Here's to even more joy and happiness for you in 2013.


I love that you are doing so well. I must say that I was very worried for you earlier this year when you mentioned how sick you had been but felt you didn't want any prying. So glad all is now well and you are ready to face a new year with whatever blessings and trials God sees fit to give you. Lots of love from Idaho.

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I love you is doing so well. I must say, I'm worried about you earlier this year when you mentioned you ever feel sick, but you don't want any spy. I'm glad it's all good, you are now ready to face a New Year's greetings and test any god thinks that the right to you. A lot of love from Idaho.


Happy 2013 Sandi! I hope this is an amazing year for you and your family! Thanks for sharing, I know it can be difficult to put things out there, I have always appreciated how you do.

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so we think the world is ready for something new!


You've had quite a year! Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. I hope your 2013 has more ups!!

Sewing Princess

Happy new year Sandi. i am happy you are doing better and taking your time.


I appreciate the courage it has taken to share your private life with us. You are a strong, brave, courageous woman and an inspiration to me and so many others. 2012 was a difficult year for me, too. There was the death of my mother and the very poor health of my sweet husband that required three surgeries in less than a year. But LIFE is good. Each day is a new beginning with joy to be found. I am so very glad that you have found joy in the watercolor painting. Blessings for a joy-filled 2013!

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Didn't you also sew Erin's wedding dress in February?? Wow - just wow! I'm glad you are feeling better and am excited to see the new blogspace when it's ready!

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