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December 11, 2012



Aww! Thanks for the blog shout out Sandi! And I'm glad your kids still like their crayons! I'm trying to figure out a good one for the kids to help me with this year for their friends. So I'm hoping for others comments about more great low cost gift ideas too. Unless your kids want more crayons! ;)

heather in arizona

I'm with you on the budget! When all is said and done I hope to have spent not much over $200 for 3 children, 5 grandparents, 2 great grandparents and 2 siblings!!

Last year I made these embroidered bookmarks for friends. Since the design is small and simple it really didn't take that long, and the result is great. You could pick up a used book from goodwill to give with it!

heather in arizona

oops, it wouldn't post my link, second try!









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The craft kit is brilliant! I'm doing a look about tomorrow! Thanks!

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If you are looking for a good tutorial for a project to do with the kids, my friend Liesel shared these crayons on her blog the other day. Melting crayons is not exactly a new thing, but her idea to double boil them was genius to me! They gave them to our kids last year and they are still the "go-to" crayons.

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