jen eskridge

I dream of someday designing my own fabric line. I currently live in Korea, textile mill capital of the world. Its so inspiring. You have so much information to share and I love your Ginger Blossom line! ~jen~

Kay Snyder

Wow, thanks for sharing. I was wondering but afraid to ask, afraid of what? I dunno, lol. Your stuff is beautiful!


Thanks for sharing this information. I've found that there is only a few designers out there willing to share some iformation. Maybe that's why people are afraid to ask. I know that's why I am.


Thank you for this information. Really...I have two very artistic, color loving girls who are 13 and almost 17 who may lean this direction of creating fabric lines. They have hearts to work at home so if they can harness the artistic ability they would do wonderful.

Going to read do you pay for the process of getting it printed out into fabrics or does the manufacturer *take a chance* on your designs?
thanks again!


Thanks Sandi! I appreciate you answering my questions about this back in January - or something like that! I'm still very much interested in pursuing this, as I've been sewing, quilting, and designing for many years, and this just seems like a natural next adventure for me. I'll keep working on it, thanks to your inspiration! Nina

sarah Jane

thanks so much! It is nice hear a little about the process...esp the part that no one really talks about...the TIME it takes! wow! you have been busy! keep it up!


How do you personally design your work? I love using illustrator and photoshop (my DH is a graphic artist) and from looking at your work .... BEAUTIFUL I might add, it looks like digital medium rather than actual paint/pen. Please share. I love drooling over your art/fabric.

Shelley Detton

Oh, Sandi, you are living my dream! You are such an inspiration to me - I'm so very excited for you and all your successes. I can't wait to see your new line. I have been so inspired by your blog and your kind explanations of the designing process that I'm in knee-deep in drawings of my own collection. I'm technically impaired, however :-), so until the how-to books arrive for PhotoshopCS3 I'm stuck! I can't wait to start tinkering with the colors so I can see the line come to life. Thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement your blog has brought to me. I am in awe of all you are able to accomplish, being a mother of young kiddos and all. Kudos to you!


Thanks Sandi for the info! I only recently found your blog and I LOVE it! I can't wait to get my hands on some Farmer's Market fabrics!

I feel like reading this info 'is a sign'. I've been really considering fabric design lately, but I'm running stuck finding information about it. Thanks so much for sharing! I have several fabric ideas bouncing around in my brain, but I'm concerned that I don't have the training or expertise to design fabric. I went to school for teaching and now I'm a stay at home mom. Would you recommend some sort of art training? Also, what sort of graphic design programs are people using to design fabric?

You are incredibly inspiring to me, Sandi. Thanks for your willingness to share the ins and outs of fabric design. You rock! :)

jordan Durbin

Hi Sandi,
So, I have a couple of questions. I've been working on a bunch of designs for a line and am nearing a point of submitting artwork to several manufacturers. It is raw, as I work in a lot of different mediums (watercolor, pen and ink, marker, paint, some digitized, but mostly not), and I was wondering, how many designs do I send? All? Should I include blender/coordinate concepts/ideas/designs or just my main patterns?
Do you suggest mounting/matting artwork to send it at all? The manufacturers that I've heard from only replied that they required full repeat high quality images.
Any help with this would be awesome!
I absolutely love your blog and your lines! Amazingly talented!
Thanks so much!
Jordan and Co.


I just discovered your designs through Dana's giveaway. Sad I didn't win the quilt but happy to know about your amazing fabrics. My thought has always been - how do designers come up with designs! I know what I like when I see it, but I would have a hard time coming up with that stuff on my own. Your designs are great and such happy fresh colors! Glad to have found you!


Hi Sandy, thanks so much for posting that information on fabric design. I love your fabric by the way! All my life I have been doing creative work in my free time. I realize lately that I am officially obsessed with the designs on fabric more than anything else, so I want to get into designing fabric, but I am completely new to it. How do you recommend get started in terms of should I take a specific class, or any type of training involved? Also, what are the manufacturers looking for? Can a random no name person like myself just send them designs and hope they buy into it??

Thanks so much for your help!

Tami Foulger

Thanks so much for the information. This is my first time posting but I have a been a fan for awhile. I hope to make some of my dreams come to pass and you have been a real inspiration!

Jennifer Byrne Paganellli

well done Sandi...see you in Pittsburgh...bravo girfriend.

Cody Brown

Just checking back into your web site. Looks great, very impressive. Hope your doing well since the surgery. Just wanted to say Hi.
love your
Uncle Cody

Ruth Naomi

I love the music on your site. I am dreaming of designing fabric with a broken heart. My wonderful mama died and I am feeling very lost without her.


Hi Sandy, I must say that you are a very giving on your art which I think is very refreshing!! I love your collections they are the most refreshing and beautiful!! I am so in awe of you and a couple more designer's that seem to give it your all it's wonderful. I love your music on here as well. I can't wait to see your next fun project, collection line. I bet it is a blast working with Michael Miller Co. I love the Company, the story behind their start. Their blog is so filled how to's & so clear with it too. I do love to read about the start, process, and the finished products when it comes to fabric,sewing,and quilting. I can only dream that I can design, & abt 30yr's younger. Thank you for being you. Keep up the fantastic work!!

emily scott

was the design of fabric.. weave etc bassed on that of nature if so what?? if you have time pleas could u email me th answer??

kate O'Malley

Hi my name is kate and I am a junior at Assumption College in Worcester. I love to sew and am interested in textile design/fiber arts. I am currently a graphic design major and am looking for an internship for the fall of 2009 either in Boston or Worcester. If any designers are looking for a little extra help let me know. I want to learn everything and anything about this art!

Best Regards,
Kate O'Malley



What a brilliant post, I've wondered about this for so long and am now setting up my own business supplying fabrics both old and new. Along with other favorite haberdashery items! I dream of creating my own fabric range. Just a quick question - you mentioned the manufactuer that you would like to work is the best way to find this manufacturer? If you are searching for one, how would you go about doing so? Are there any that you would recommend?

Thanks so much for this post and your time.

Kind Regards,

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